Adhesive : Cyno , Epoxy , Acrylic , UV Cure , Silicone , Hot Melts etc . Threadlocker , Gasketing , Sealants, Retainers . Bond any type of Material Machining Tools : Tooling for CNC , VMC , HMC like Drilling , Inserts , PCD and Carbide tools . Pre Treatment or Surface Treatment Chemicals : Pickling , Rust Cleaner, Phosphating , Activation , Passivation , Pickling etc.. Abrasives : Bonded , Coated , Cutting and Grinding , Flap Disc and Non Woven Discs Complete Range of Oils : Hydraulic Oils , Greases, Rust Preventives, Cutting Oils and Cleaners Both type of Range Nitride or Amine Based , VPCI , VCI Welding Solutions Welding Machine , Plasma Cutting Machine , TIG , MIG wires All Dispensing Equipment

Water based Floor Cleaners which have higher flash point with faster evaporation  

Petroleum Jelly 

Relsol Floor repair coating 

Faster curing within an hour you can move anything 




Floor Epoxy Coating . 

  • Toughened Coating for better impact resistance
  • Hard coating for better abrasion resistance coating 

Anti Skid coating