Mobil™ industrial lubricants — whether mineral or synthetic oil-based — are developed by working closely with leading equipment builders. Mobil engineers gain deep insights into equipment trends and lubrication requirements to guide our lubricant researchers and formulators in designing highly effective lubricants — providing the exceptional and balanced performance required for today’s industrial equipment.

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Our Mobil SHC™ line of synthetic lubricants is designed to protect equipment operating under severe conditions including loads and pressures, frequent starts and stops, wide operating temperature ranges, and contamination.

These synthetic lubricants provide distinct advantages that far exceed the capabilities of conventional oils. Mobil SHC™ synthetic lubricants offer long oil life and can extend equipment life, creating less waste and potential energy savings while helping increase worker safety by minimizing potentially hazardous maintenance.

Mobil™ greases – whether conventional or synthetic – offer:

  • Long regreasing intervals
  • Enhanced equipment life
  • Exceptional protection even in extreme conditions

Available in a broad range of NLGI grades and fluid viscosities for a variety of applications, Mobil greases are designed to help you:

  • Maximize equipment reliability and performance
  • Minimize costs and waste
  • Boost productivity

Our entire line of Mobil™ industrial lubricants is specially formulated to provide maximum protection and extend equipment life so you can:

  • Improve productivity
  • Maintain a safe operating environment
  • Minimize the environmental footprint of your operation
  • Reduce costs

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Mobil Series lubricants are outstanding performance hydraulic, compressor, gear and bearing oils designed to provide outstanding equipment protection, long oil life and problem-free operation in the food and beverage processing and packaging industries.Oil, Wide temperatures, Energy efficient, Operational safety, Water resistance, Food grade


The Mobil SHC™ series of greases are specifically designed to improve your productivity by solving high temperature lubrication problems in both general industry and food processing applicationsGrease, Food grade, Polyurea, Severe operating conditions, Wide temperatures, Low noise, Enhanced wear protection, Extended life, Water resistance

Long-lasting Mobil Pegasus™ oils help keep gas engines at peak production.
For over half a century, Mobil Pegasus natural gas engine oils have been helping minimize maintenance downtime and boost productivity through long drain intervals, keep-clean performance and outstanding wear protection.

Mobilgear™ SHC XMP Series High performance, synthetic industrial gear oils are designed to provide optimum equipment protection and oil life even under extreme conditionsOil, Enhanced wear protection, Extended life, Corrosion protection, Micropitting, Wide temperatures
Product Series

Mobil Excel™ Series are high performance anti-wear hydraulic oils specifically designed to meet the needs of modern, high pressure, industrial and mobile equipment hydraulic systemsOil, Oxidation resistance, Energy efficient, Severe operating conditions, Wide temperatures, Zinc free, Extreme pressure