Head Protection , Eye Protection , Safety Shoes , Hand Protection , Face Protection , Hearing Protection , Fall Protection , Protective Workwear ​

Safety Helmets is required in almost every Industry where there is a risk of being injured from falling objects or when working in areas of restricted head space.
KARAM range of Safety Helmets comes with plethora of features that not only offer the protection intended, but also with the comfort and design that ensures usage for long working hours.

KARAM brings to you the complete range of Safety spectacles that are a perfect combination of Comfort and Safety. KARAM safety spectacles are CE certified and conform to the standard laid down in EN 166:2002.

  • Dust and Particle Protection 
  • Chemical Splash Protection 

The portfolio of KARAM Safety Footwear encompasses a wide range of products that are manufactured and certified to the highest standards of EN, IS, DGMS and suited to be worn in different situations.

  • Abawrf Shoes 
  • Double Density Shoes 
  • Single Density Shoes  

KARAM offers a range of gloves that can be worn by the user under different work conditions. The recommendations are also based on the different manufacturing styles of these gloves, along with their different make-material and coatings, besides the different tests that these gloves pass.


KARAM Visors are specifically designed to help protect the wearer’s eyes from impacts from the front and side, whereas Welding Shields provide protection against harmful radiation including visible light, UV/IR radiation resulting from welding processes.

  • Polycarbonate Visor
  • Welding Shields


KARAM offers a range of Ear Protection equipment that provide appropriate attenuation of noise in various Industrial settings.

  • Ear Plugs 
  • Ear Muffs 
  • Ear Protection Accessories 

KARAM offers a comprehensive range of Fall Protection equipment like full body harnesses, hooks and connectors, lanyards, retractable fall arrestor blocks, anchorages, fixed line systems, etc., to suit a vast range of applications and situations.

  • Harnesses Belts
  • Fixed Line System
  • Lanyards 
  • Lanyardsretractable Fall Arrest Block 
  • Material Hauling System 

KARAM is proud to introduce a wide array of Performance Work Wear Suits, which are highly popular and ideally suited for doing any construction work or any other industrial work.
Our coveralls & protective wear have distinctive features of high durability, high tensile strength, good tear strength, colour fastness, pilling resistance, skin friendly, shrinkage control, soft feel, comfort wear and perfect fit.

Regular and Premium and Customization