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Mechanical locking devices (such as split washers, nylon nuts, flat washers) were invented to solve the common problem of loosening that happens in most threaded assemblies. The reality is that they don’t maintain clamp load as assemblies “locked” with these devices often loosen under vibration, thermal expansion and/or improper torque.

Thread sealing is achieved as the anaerobic adhesive cures when confined in the absence of air, and between close metal fitting surfaces. This technology is ideal for joints, which are considered to be dynamic due to vibration, changing pressures or changing temperatures.



All LOCTITE gasket solutions provide for reliable, leak-proof seals

  • Fill all voids and gaps – preventing leaks and weeping
  • Require no re-torquing
  • Have excellent chemical resistance, high blowout resistance and are easy to apply

Retaining compounds, a type of anaerobic adhesive, fill the inner space between components and cure to form a strong precision assembly. They are widely accepted as a standard method for assembling press- and slip-fitted parts.



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LOCTITE® Instant adhesives are one-part, room-temperature curing adhesives available in a wide range of viscosities. They are typically used for high-performance bonding of numerous materials in just seconds – rubber, polystyrene, wood, metal and even the latest generation plastics





LOCTITE® structural adhesives are available in easy-to-use packages for hand-held, manual, and semi-automated applications, including cartridges, syringes, soft-squeeze bottles and dual cartridges for two-part formulations. 




LOCTITE Cleaners and Primers are used to prepare the surface before LOCTITE adhesives are applied on them to ensure maximum performance. Bonded joints are stronger when the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. Cleaners help remove oil, grease, dirt, grime or impurities from the surface. Primers activate surfaces for LOCTITE anaerobic adhesive applications for threadlocking,
thread sealing, gasketing and retaining, to significantly speed up the cure time.

Non-Rusting, Ferro-Silicone-Filled Composite Extremely high compressive strength and wear resistance. Ideal for rebuilding worn surfaces exposed to harsh environments. Recommended for use on all metals. Can be machined, drilled and tapped in 6 to 8 hours. For final finish cuts, let the product cure for 24 hours and use carbide tooling. Spreadable putty. Sets in 20 minutes.