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Bonded Abrasives are used in diverse applications like floor polishing, fabrication, polishing, off-hand tool grinding and precision grinding of diverse products like crank shaft, balls and razor blade across a wide spectrum of industries ranging from automobile, construction, fabrication, steel, bearing etc

Coated abrasives are used in light polishing applications in automobile, auto ancillaries, white goods, hand and power tools, sanitary ware, furniture, fabrication and construction industry.

All LOCTITE gasket solutions provide for reliable, leak-proof seals

  • Fill all voids and gaps – preventing leaks and weeping
  • Require no re-torquing
  • Have excellent chemical resistance, high blowout resistance and are easy to apply

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CUMI offers wide range of nonwoven abrasive rolls for free sanding as well as use machine sanding
operations. Made from premium quality Nylon fiber and coated with high performance synthetic
abrasives and water proof resin bond, these products do not load / clog and can be used for both
wet / dry applications.

Apart from abrasives, CUMI also manufactures metal working fluids for grinding applications. In the metal working process, the right combination of machine, cutting tool and metalworking fluid is required to produce an acceptable part. Therefore this product line is a logical extension of CUMI’s abrasives.


CUMI recently launched a range of power tools used in metal working, construction, wood working and interior decoration. Abrasives are used as accessories in power tools. The Company’s strong brand image and well established marketing network provide good synergies for this product line with abrasives.

Diamond and cubic boron nitride CBN are known as Tools for Stones. Wheels and tools made with these abrasives are used in high end applications. CUMI is present in this segment, through its joint venture Wendt India Ltd., Bangalore, India.