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You can rely on our range of turning tools. State-of-the-art coating technology means that every indexable insert is an expert in its field. The innovative tool holders also ensure excellent stability and security for successful turning

Be in control with our grooving tools. The outstanding stability of the tool makes even difficult grooving tasks with unpredictable chip control or high temperatures easy to accomplish.


Our comprehensive product range includes reamers and countersinks that are suitable for universal application in all materials. From standard products to high-performance tools for customers with exacting requirements in terms of radial run-out accuracy, our product range is sure to have the ideal tool for your application.

  • Diameters from 5.6 to 25.89 mm
  • Maximum tool life thanks to wear compensation
  • Enormous type and variant variety
  • Modular blank concept
  • Highly accurate tolerances
  • Short delivery time
  • High cost-effectiveness
  • Maximum process capability
  • Defined chip flow


Our high-quality milling tools with indexable inserts will ensure that you are perfectly equipped to take on all possible milling operations, such as face, shoulder or high-feed milling. A range of systems for die production are the perfect addition to the comprehensive product portfolio.


The system offers the option of automatic cutting edge compensation by means of workpiece measuring devices, as well as the option of creating a flexible cutting edge adjustment for contour machining.Combined with process-specific production measurement technology, dimensions can be corrected for greater accuracy and quality assurance in the production process.

Your manufacturing process is one of a kind – and we think like nobody else. This is because KOMET pools all of the strengths that make us one of the industry’s leading innovators into the project management process: Creativity in development, technical expertise in premium tools and complex processes, tailored service and incomparable, interdisciplinary solution potential.

With a comprehensive assistance system for production machining, we are the first – and so far the only – tool manufacturer with a credible and coherent approach to Industry 4.0. The basis of our high-tech strategy is increasing computerisation and analysing big data, combined with modular process monitoring.


The comprehensive reamer range includes monoblock tools and reamers of carbide or with PCD coating for the most common bore diameters. The reamer range is thoroughly standardised, and therefore guarantees the shortest delivery times.


KOMET  DIHART®  indexable inserts technology is revolutionising reaming and setting new standards in precision and functionality. This new reaming technology largely dispenses with the laborious tool preparation that was previously required for reaming tools with brazed cutting edges at the manufacturer.

The successful KomTronic® U-axis system is a modular system that offers users greater flexibility and broadens the options available on machining centres and special machinery.

Exceptionally cost-effective and efficient: Indexable insert drills achieve the very best results when machining large bore diameters. High cutting data, maximum chip volumes and universal application options increase your productivity many times over