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BONDERITE industrial and maintenance cleaners are designed using this concept and represent the highest efficiency and sustainability in industrial cleaning. Thanks to a wide range of alkaline, neutral and acid cleaners, plus our field and laboratory service around the globe, you can be sure of the perfect solution for your industrial and maintenance cleaning needs.

  • Industrial Cleaning: Metal Pretreatment Processes

  • Maintenance Cleaning

Pickling is a surface treatment applied as a preliminary step in many manufacturing processes before subsequent treatments can take place. The pickling process, which often uses strong acids, is not without risk for surfaces, people and the environment.

That’s why BONDERITE offers a complete range of pickling solutions and inhibitors that minimise these risks.

BONDERITE offers multiple options in conversion coatings for metal pretreatment processes in dip or spray applications. Our extensive technology range covers traditional conversion coatings, but also new generation coatings as green alternatives to conventional phosphating processes.

  • Corrosion Protection

  • Zinc Phosphating

  • Iron Phosphating

  • BONDERITE Zirconate Coatings

BONDERITE specialty coatings lead to outstanding performance thanks to innovative, reliable and sustainable solutions. Using these treatments, your parts can get functional properties such as anti-corrosion, anti-friction or improved heat resistance.

  • Autodeposition Process

  • Electro Ceramic Coating (ECC & MgC)

  • Aluminum Degreasing
  • Aluminum Etching

  • Aluminum Chrome-free Conversion

  • Aluminum Chromate Conversion

  • Aluminum Anodizing


Henkel’s Bonderite duaLCys process is an innovative 2-component process where the cleaner can be recycled into the lubricant bath. The dual system, which features pre-cleaning during machining, offers low foam, low temperature cleaning, cooling and lubricating performance and corrosion protection