About Relsol Group

Our vision and our values guide the choices and decisions our team make every day.

Relsol Group has been setup in 2016 with the objective of providing a Reliable and Relevant Solutions to the Industry. As the our name suggests, REL ( Reliable and Relevant ) SOL ( Solutions ).

We are channel partners & authorized distributors of multinational brands manufacturing world class products required for various applications across all industries.We are known for our expertization in the Industrial Solution .
We find priority in understanding the culture and business environment in which our client operate. We align ourselves with client’s strategic objectives, ensuring a maximum input at all levels of client’s supply chain.
We have Industrial experience of nearly 22 years along with the expertise to help our customer to reduce their cost so that they are competitive in the market and improve their bottom line.
With our range of products which are complementary to each other thus we can provide a complete solution at one point.

We are working with various industries in NCR like
Automotive (major OEMS, TIER I & II manufacturers, MSME)
Auto Components Manufacturing
General manufacturing

The sales team is trained using the knowledge, experience and principles of companies with whom we cooperate.
We have been upgrading ourselves in tune with the technological advancements and customer’s specific requirements from time to time. Our office systems are compliant to CRM and Online Billing to improve our effeciency so that we can meet the customer’s service requirements.
We have a very efficient team with 4 verticals managed by professionally experienced product managers and 6 smart sales engineers. The sales team is well supported by diligent administrative staff and well trained logistics team.
Our office and Warehouses are located in Manesar and Bhiwadi with access to all the industrial hubs in and around NCR . We have specialized refrigerated 24 X 7 storage for Adhesives at around 8°c & 18°c . We have the necessary skills, knowledge and capacity in this particular field. We have the necessary ability and capacity to deal successfully with considerably large volumes of instructions on a regular basis.

We Have PROPOSITIONS For All Industries