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Three grams of adhesive. One hour. That's what it took for Loctite to pull a train.

The company exports premium-quality Group III base oil to more than 140 customers in 50 countries, as well as finished lubricant products to over 60 countries including Russia, China and the U.S

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The Complete Industrial Solutions

They are Market Leader in Engineering Adhesive and their solution reduce cost and improve reliability Anaerobic Technology is invented by Loctite

LOCTITE® is the world’s leading brand for adhesives, sealants and surface treatments. With breakthrough technology, we provide solutions that deliver on our goals providing more efficient adhesives that are durable, strong and long lasting to unlock the limitless potential of man and machine.

BONDERITE technology solutions set innovative standards in the overall surface treatment process. We provide extensive know-how and industry expertise with high performing technologies in the fields of cleaners, metal pretreatment and coating.

We are proud that we have been leading the lubricant industry in Korea since 1968. The company exports premium-quality Group III base oil to more than 140 customers in 50 countries, as well as finished lubricant products to over 60 countries including Russia, China and the U.S. Our vision is to become top global player in the lubricant industry.

We have been developing and producing sophisticated hard material cutting solutions: From highly specialized cutting tools, indexable inserts and carbide rods to new types of carbide and cermet grades for wood and stone working. The constant innovation of materials and applications helps us and our customers to create a large number of machines, tools, applications, and consumer goods which shape our immediate environment and are part of our everyday life.

KARAM is one of the leading manufacturers of Personal Protective Equipment in India. KARAM specializes in the field of Safety Harness & Body Belts, Hooks & Karabiners, Lanyards, Anchor Points, Horizontal Lifelines, Vertical Lifelines, Tripods & Winches, Rescue & Descent Equipment, Self Retracting Lifelines, Safety Helmets, Safety Shoes, Protective Eyewear, Hearing Protection, Welding Protection, Respirators etc. All these products undergo stringent quality checks and are certified as per IS & DGMS and other International norms.

The company pioneered the manufacture of Coated Abrasives and Bonded Abrasives in India in addition to the manufacture of Super Refractories, Electro Minerals, Industrial Ceramics and Ceramic Fibres. Today the company’s range of over 20,000 different varieties of abrasives, refractory products and electro-minerals are manufactured in ten locations across various parts of the country.

As a leading adhesive tape manufacturer represented in over 100 countries, tesa brings quality adhesive tapes to India. With over a century of experience in manufacturing industrial tapes and tapes for household applications, it is our aim to build a strong bond with our customers by sharing our know-how and expertise. For our industry and professional customers, we offer friendly expert advice and technical knowledge to help you select the most effective solution to improve your processes, be it adhesive tapes, protective films and more

Pon Pure Chemicals is a leading international organization specialising in chemicals manufacturing and distribution. Over thirty seven years in business, Pon Pure Chemicals is currently in the midst of a high growth period especially in the basic and performance chemical verticals.

Ador Fontech Limited is a frontrunner organisation that operates on the philosophy of ‘partnering’ with its clients in recommending and implementing value-added reclamation, fusion, surfacing, spraying and environmental solutions.

Godrej Material Handling is India’s largest lift truck manufacturer-exporter. Established in 1963, we provide mobile path material handling solutions to virtually all industries in manufacturing, infrastructure, services, aviation, logistics, defence, ports, railways and power.

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ith the expertise to help our customer to reduce their cost so that they are competitive in the market and improve their bottom line. With our range of products which are complementary to each other thus we can provide a complete solution at one point.We are known for our expertization in the Industrial Solution .

Clients Testimonial

We thank of Henkel and Relsol team for Technical Partnering with us for increasing our product Reliability . They has partnered with us by conducting the technology Seminar , Process Study , Selecting the right solution , Conducting the trials , Testing - Validation and Training .The approach is very professional and appreciable

Baljinder Singh


We would like to appreciate the professionalism exhibited by Relsol Team in improving our end product's Reliability , Increasing Productivity and Reducing cost per component .

Varun Malhotra

( Sudhir )

We would like to appreciate the professionalism exhibited by Henkel Team in providing a solution in rubber component bonding . Activities has helped us save cost & improve reliability of our end product also Henkel Product is performing with consistency . We are working with Henkel on various other cost saving projects . We recommend other industry to get benefited from Henkel range of Products .

SC Tiwari

( Kokoku Intech India Pvt Ltd. )

We would like to appreciate Loctite team effort in providing solution to our challenge in street Light pole Units segment. Activities from Loctite like plant survey which identified our needs and selection of right products has helped us a lot . Loctite team is working very closely with us to improve our Productivity & reduce cost .

Nain Pal Singh


We were facing severe corrosion concern on filler machine body made of mild steel due to exposure of acidic pH 3-3.5 media .Previously we were applying epoxy paint on filler machine which gives life of 1.5 -2 months only and we end up losing cost and metal in to rust .We were recommended by QSRS to apply Polypoxy PS a modified Polysulphide based chemical resistance coating solutions for the application . I appreciate Loctite product Ploypoxy PS for saving cost and enhancing reliability of filler Machine & services rendered by your M/S QSRS Mr. Rajneesh & Team

Banoj Kumar Patra

(Varun Beverages)

We would like appreciate QSRS and Loctite Team efforts in providing solutions to our challenges in Air Handling Units Segments . Loctite 638 has given us an excellent solutions to prevent Loosening of bolts in our Air Handling units during transportation . Your team is working very closely with us to improve our productivity and reduce cost . We recommend other industries to get benefited from there range of products .

Vivek Gupta


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